"Bay Area resident Pearl Marill proved to be the hit of the evening...Marill’s Missed Connections, based on those ubiquitous notices in which people try to build on chance encounters, was high comedy, a tightly structured ping-pong game of awkward-ness, self-assertion both physically and verbally..."


Rita Felciano,


SF Bay Guardian

This was one of my favorite shows that I’ve seen in a long time. You framed it so smartly. Giving us so much time to turn in the confessions and staging that as a game in itself gave us a lot of buy-in. Because by the time that was over we had all turned in several confessions and that gave us enormous suspense, wondering when our confession would come up and how other people would react. Whether our confession would fly or fall, or actually be touching to people...!
— Rachel Howard, CRITICAL DIALOGUES/ Dancer's Group
...a luminous Pearl Marill, whose flirtatious foray into “hair dryer therapy” was easily one of the evening’s funniest.
— Nicole Gluckstern, San Francisco Bay Guardian
Towards the end of the show, a hair dryer takes on a life of its own in a pas de deux with a third dancer (the ridiculously athletic Pearl Marill) as she prepares for an Instagram photoshoot. Marill may be pushing the button to start the dryer, but it, in turn, drives the movement of her body; she dances when it’s on, stops when it’s off. It moves her around the stage even as she seems to direct it. The complex interplay between the control she exerts — and in so doing, paradoxically gives away — is one of the most mesmerizing, funny, and heavy commentaries on technological determinism that you’re likely to see anywhere. And here it was on the small Counterpulse stage in a kind of rough part of San Francisco. Is she enhanced? Is she controlled? A body can give answers words cannot.
— Alexis Madrigal, THE ATLANTIC